iJnta Classics

These are the classic iJnta episodes that started it all. Yeah, waay back in 2007-2009. Me and my brothers were just chilling one day and decided to create our own webshow just for us and our friends’ laughs. The iJnta classic episodes are mostly about brothers having fun.

Below are some of the classics that bring back the good memories–and good times. Just hit the play button to watch.

iJnta Episode 1

The first ever episode. Excuse our noob-ish, lousy acting. I was in the 6th grade. They were only in the 3rd! We duke it out with plastic swords. Yeah, somebody–CALL THE COPS. (;

iJnta Episode 2

The Life Angel comes to the rescue and JJ and Mike are back! Jnta is stunned in awe at the news. Hilarious bloopers at the end also.

iJnta Episode 3

The J Bros. celebrate post-Christmas with their new light saber-swords and the battle of the brothas soon breaks out.

iJnta Episode 4

JJ and Mike throw a surprise party for Jnta! Too bad thing just flush down the toilet. Watch as arguments evolve into cheesy, cartoony fights.

iJnta Episode 5

April fools is always a kick in the funny bone. No foolin’. The J Bros. have a hard time deciding which one of them is the ‘King’ of April Fools. How Foolish.

Some of our favorite clips extracted from the series:


Pii [the tall one] and AC [the girl] have always had a thing for each other. But when DS creates an interference, you know stuffs going down!

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